How to add resume to linkedin

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It would seem that all the most difficult is over, but no – the most difficult is ahead. This is a work plan. There is nothing in front of a student at this moment, only a topic. And his task at this moment is to fully envisage the structure of the work. Understand what content of each chapter would be appropriate. The plan can be rewritten dozens of times. The ideal option would be if the student makes a work plan together with his supervisor. With his advice, he can set the correct direction of the student’s thoughts.

This is a very important point. It is on the design “falls” most of the students. Many simply have no time to look into the GOSTs and abide by their rules. They prefer to draw up their thesis project by analogy with the way they designed their term papers, since it is believed that there is practically no difference in the design of these works, but in fact this is a big mistake. We advise you to read about how to properly issue diplomas so that you do not have to accept work for revision.

Preparation of additional materials

When all the work is done, it’s time to think about how to prepare additional materials. They need to be given no less importance than the main work, because you will not accept the diploma from having additional materials. So, additional materials include a review, which is written by your supervisor, as well as the author’s abstract, which you will have to print in several copies and distribute to the members of the academic council for review. Additional materials also include access to protection. This is a document that testifies to the fact that at the time of the diploma’s defense you do not have academic debts.

Presentation preparation

This is the most pleasant moment for many who are preparing for the diploma defense, because here you can show your own creative abilities. Presentation – this is what you will speak to the commission. It is prepared in the form of slides, which summarize the main ideas of the work. If you spend little time preparing the presentation, it will be “raw” and is unlikely to make an impression. And your assessment will depend on it.