How to make a good resume

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When the years of study are over and it is time to think about writing a thesis, then immediately there are a number of problems faced by 100% of graduates. At first glance, all these problems may seem in vain. But it is not. If you cannot solve even one problem from the list below, then all the work on preparing and writing the work can be considered meaningless. To avoid difficulties, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a simple and understandable list of difficulties that await students at the stage of writing a thesis.

Search for a supervisor

This question is fundamentally important. Today for the student practical advice is especially valuable. It is important to understand that in your reflections and conclusions you go the right way, without turning anywhere. It is not easy when there is no adviser. That is why for each student a personal supervisor is assigned. A supervisor may have several students in charge. But he must give time to everyone. The student has the full right to refuse the curator provided to him and choose him at his discretion. But it should be noted that the curator must be sufficiently qualified and understand the subject of the student’s diploma.

Choosing a job topic

This is the next essential point of our difficulties. This is where the main problems begin. Students are invited to choose from a variety of topics, and which one to dwell on is not always possible to choose immediately. We have to weigh all the pros and cons. The ideal option is that the student himself comes up with a diploma. But this is a rare individual case. When choosing a topic should be guided by the relevance of the subject and its originality. That is, such a topic should be unique. It is possible that there may be analogues. But the new work must carry new touches, evidence, facts.

Work plan

It would seem that all the most difficult is over, but no – the most difficult is ahead. This is a work plan. There is nothing in front of a student at this moment, only a topic. And his task at this moment is to fully envisage the structure of the work. Understand what content of each chapter would be appropriate. The plan can be rewritten dozens of times. The ideal option would be if the student makes a work plan together with his supervisor. With his advice, he can set the correct direction of the student’s thoughts.