How to make resume

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First we turn to the original data. The final goal of each student is to get a scientific degree and to continue the work on the received specialty. According to the results of the information received, you will be able to decide on the topic of your Ph.D. thesis, and already from it to withdraw the topic of your graduation project.

At the first stage, you should have a fellow in the library several books on the theory of scientific work. Study them and familiarize yourself with the content. In addition, over the past few years you should study already defended theses in your specialty. This is done so that your topic of scientific work is not repeated. Just do not forget to view publications in magazines and newspapers over the past few years.

The next stage is the formulation of several titles for your future dissertation. Then you should find out which of the scientists is engaged in a similar subject, what are the scientific works on the chosen topic. It is possible that one of the scientists will become your academic advisor or opponent in the defense of your dissertation.

The most important point when choosing the topic of your dissertation is the choice of supervisor. Remember, you should not approach this choice formally or emotionally. After all, with this person you will have to communicate very closely for several years. And it is from this person that the successful completion of the defense of your master’s thesis depends.

After selecting the topic of the master’s thesis, you should review the related literature and study it. Then send to coordinate the topic with the supervisor. This is best done in person, not by correspondence, because only in person you can assess the interest in this topic of your supervisor.

The supervisor of your master’s thesis should be a responsible person, demanding and meet all the criteria. It is very important that your chosen topic is close to the scientific interests of your leader. As a result, he will be able to provide you with real scientific guidance and carry out qualified support.

All students are tormented by the question of how to properly formulate the topic of final work. Some even have the task of the supervisor to come up with the topic of final qualifying work. We will talk about how to choose and formulate the topic of final qualifying work.