What is a cover letter for a resume

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So, let’s start with the fact that you first need to decide on the topic of work. This can be done in several ways, depending on what regulations on the choice of topics approved in your university. We will focus on the standard scheme. So, before you fix the subject for a particular student, the educational board examines all areas of the faculty. After that the final list of topics is formed. As a rule, the number is greater than the number of students on the course.

After that, the list of topics is posted on public display in the walls of the university, or posted on the website of the faculty. Students can choose the topic that they consider necessary for themselves BUT! It is important to understand that several students cannot write a master’s thesis on one subject. This is contrary to the regulations of any university. Thus, the choice of topics is clearly monitored and regulated by department representatives. As a rule, topics are selected taking into account the projects on which the students worked during their studies. Students were already able to write term papers on the topics proposed for writing a resume.

The second option – the students themselves choose the topic of the thesis, regardless of the proposed educational board. As a rule, in such cases, the topic of the diploma is directly related to their professional activities, or with the activities of the organization where the student did practical work, or is about to find a job.

So, when the topic is selected, it must be approved and assigned to the student. In this case, the student writes a statement addressed to the rector of the university that he chose a certain diploma subject and is going to defend it. The application is considered a little over a month. After consideration of the application, the student receives a notification that the topic of the thesis is assigned to him.

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