What is a resume

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The second option – the students themselves choose the topic of the thesis, regardless of the proposed educational board. As a rule, in such cases, the topic of the diploma is directly related to their professional activities, or with the activities of the organization where the student did practical work, or is about to find a job.

So, when the topic is selected, it must be approved and assigned to the student. In this case, the student writes a statement addressed to the rector of the university that he chose a certain diploma subject and is going to defend it. The application is considered a little over a month. After consideration of the application, the student receives a notification that the topic of the thesis is assigned to him.

The next stage is the selection of the supervisor. On our site there is a separate article on how to choose a supervisor. Therefore, we dwell on this point briefly. The student can select the curator for his project from among the faculty members of his faculty. A prerequisite should be that the curator has a degree and is involved in the chosen subject of the diploma. There is also an option that a student can choose a curator of a third-party organization. The requirements for the curator are the same.

So, when the most difficult thing is over, it’s time to start forming the task for the author of the diploma. This is an extremely important point. After all, the quality of work will depend on how you form the task. So take this seriously. Do not think that the author can read your mind or guess what kind of work you want to get in the end. This is simply impossible. It should be clearly and paragraphly set forth all the requirements for the thesis. To do this, we recommend several times to visit your curator and hear what standard requirements exist for master’s theses. Your supervisor can provide you with regulations, training manuals and charters, where the exact requirements of the university are spelled out.

When the task is completed, it must be transferred to the author. If you cooperate with the exchange, then you transfer the task to the manager and your order is recorded in the database. The contractor is attached to the order and the work can be considered started.